Whistle Blowing

The Company encourages its directors, executives and employees to properly, transparently and verifiably work, under its expectation that all directors, executives, and employees honestly report to the Company for acknowledgement on their working which is in conflict or in doubt that it is inconsistent with the Corporate Governance Code, Code of Conduct, or related laws for the improvement or appropriate correct action.

Whistleblowing channels

The Company’s whistleblowing or complaint channels for its third parties and stakeholders, i.e. customer, shareholder, and trade alliance, etc. are:



By complaint box installed inside the Company:

at customer reception building, manufacturing building, canteen building, and STR factory building



By post mail address to the Chairman of the Audit Committee with the address stated below:

Northeast Rubber Pcl., 398 Moo. 4, Khok Ma Sub-district, Prakhonchai District, Buriram 31140



By email address:

The Audit Committee consists of Mr. Ronnachit Jinadis (Chairman of the Audit Committee)
Tel. 089-767-4222
Email : CAC@ne-rubber.com

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