Energy and Environmental Care

Zero waste Management

From the volume of water used in production process and delivered into wastewater treatment system of the factory, the proportion is increased based on an expanding rate of production capacity in accompany with the public sector support and promotion in the matter of energy management, environmental care, reduction of energy-related burden, and value addition of waste derived from production process as a drive for NER’s study and establishment of the Biogas Generation Project, and analysis on the energy consumption inside the factory. Therefore, NER has commenced to plan the Biogas Generation Project as alternative energy with total power generation capacity of 4.38 Megawatt/Hour (pursuant to the production capacity expansion plan of the main factory), which is classified into two projects at production capacity of 2.19 Megawatt/Hour per phase with different fermentation technologies to ensure the efficient adaptation with the existing waste and substrate raw material management.

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Environmental Management

Other than the Company’s focus on manufacture of quality products according to the product standards and customer requirements, the concern on social and environmental responsibility is a main policy which is continuously observed by the Company in operations. The Company has been certified for international environmental management system standardization of the organization to enhance the environmental capacity inside the organization, and for environmental sustainability (ISO 14001:2015). The environment is systematically managed in the continuous control, monitoring, assessment, and review on the environmental operation, and the improvement to ensure the safe coexistence with the community and the true sustainable growth. The Company has been primarily certified to be the Green Industry Level 3 under its commitment on development for further improvement.

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